What is the difference between a 3D-Printer and a 3D-Bioprinter?

When should i use a Bioprinter?

  • Hi there. Welcome to the world of bioprinting. The main difference between a 3d printer and a 3d bioprinter are the following:
    - A 3d printer typically prints thermo plastics such as PLA (by melting the plastic filament using a filament extruder). A 3D Bioprinter instead dispenses soft or hard materials using pressure through a needle or a nozzle. To achieve true 3d bioprinting, the filament should include human cells mixed with a bioink.
    - A 3d printer is typically used outside of a laboratory environment as the process is not entirely clean and can contaminate the work area while a 3d bioprinter should be used inside a lab and have some type of sterilizable printing area or chamber. That way contamination can be reduced which is very important when printing with human cells.
    - A 3d printer is made to print parts while a bioprinter is made to print tissues.

    • September 26, 2017 - 7:35 pm