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Christian Silva

Phd Researcher Student

About Christian Silva

Ms. Eng. Christian Silva
CC: 80796285
Erlangen, Germany
+49 015252351847
Work experience.
FabriLab, Bogota, Colombia, Jun 2015, Ongoing
Project Director
 Engineered biomechanics and 3D printing researching
 Designed simulations and 3D printing biomechanics prosthesis
Universidad Manuela Beltrán, Bogotá, Colombia: May.-Oct. 2015
Researcher Teacher (Biomedical Engineer)
 Instructed about related biomedical university program subjects
 Researched biomedical topics on basis to previous researching
 Volunteered work and knowledge to help people
Universidad Nacional de Colombia- Secretaria Distrital de Desarrollo Económico (SDDE), Bogotá, Colombia: Sep. 2013- Feb. 2015
Engineering Coordinator.
 Implemented working points on the SDDE factories
 Maximized factories relations with the SDDE program
 Coordinated activities of groups in the factories
 Reported factories indicators with the SDDE program
 Supervised a team of seventeen professional employees.
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia: Jul. 2010- Nov. 2011
Professional Adviser. (Mechanics and Mechatronics engineering Curriculum)
 Recommended procedures on student applications with Faculty Secretary
 Administered management in student applications with Faculty Secretary
Industrias PEL Ltda. Bogotá, Colombia: Jan. - Jun. 2010.
Mechatronic Engineer
 Designed programmable logic controller software automated system
 Assembled electrical and electronic systems of project
 Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Col, Jun. 2015 - Ongoing credits in Ph.D Degree in Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering.
 Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Col, Jan. 2011 – May./21/2015
Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, GPA: 4.7/5.0
 Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Col, Jun. 2002 - Mar./10/2010
Mechatronic Engineer, GPA: 3.9/5.0
 Impact English College, Melbourne, Australia, Feb-Nov 2012
English upper intermediate and advance level 5.5 Overall Band IELTS
Ms. Eng. Christian Silva casilvaca@unal.edu.co
Summary of Skills and Qualifications
 Skills in: Management and teamwork, design, simulation work and project management in the area of robotics, biomechanics, biofabrication, control and manufacturing, industrial machinery, 3D printing and 3D scanning
 Ability to: Learn and Adapt to new environments, analysis, research synthesis and solution under pressure with strong sense of commitment and responsibility, diagnose problems and determine appropriate action with dynamic, active, reliable, resourceful, disciplined, creative, respectful and innovative way.
 Knowledge of: Design and simulation of biomechanical and mechatronics systems, biofabrication, 3d printing and digital technology.
Professional Affiliations
 Biomechanical research group, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Jun 2009
 IEEE, Worldwide association, Jun. 2006
 ASME, Worldwide association Jan. 2010
Other Experiences
 Winner Otto de Greiff, First Place in researching appropriate technologies. Aug 2010,
 Recognition of the Innovative Researcher Spirit, National University of Colombia, Oct 2015.
 Nominated TITANES CARACOL, Colombia Dec 2016
 CNN Interview Christian Silva, Colombia, Jun 2017