Greater Boston


As an application engineer at CELLINK, I've decided to create this regional group for many reasons, one of them is so that we can collaborate as a community more efficiently. My goal is to ensure that you get the support you need either from someone at CELLINK, or from your fellow bioprinting enthusiasts, and that you get inspired to create and innovate.

Located in Kendall Sq. in Cambridge, our new lab is designed with our customers and potential customers in mind. We want you to visit us, try our bioprinters using our bioinks, or your own, and learn about what we can offer you depending on the application you are giving our technology. And if you can't, we can come to you!

I hope you enjoy being part of this group. We all know that bioprinting has an enormous potential, but we need to collaborate in order to get there faster. So, make sure to give back to the community by uploading files that other researchers can build upon.

Thank you,

Maria L. Rodriguez Abi Saab
Application Engineer